Learning, Seeing, & Doing Arizona

I am sorry to all who did not see the original post for this weeks blog. I lost everything except the pictures so I will give a brief description since my notes are gone.

The kick off this week was the Cowboy Days and O’Odham Tash.

There was a parade in downtown Casa Grande that had bands, Native Americans, Cowboys, royalty and entertainment.

The O’Odham Tash is where different tribes come together for music, dance and socialization.

A small clip of the dancing and music.

Onto the Rodeo. My first Rodeo and it certainly did not disappoint.

This is Picacho Peak. 3,374 feet in elevation.

Desert beauty

Left Tracy at 1.25 and will go the rest alone.

I finally leave the moderate hike for the more difficult part of the hike, the peak.

At the top after a lot of stops to catch my breath.

Pretty steep from where I stand.

Oddities in the Phoenix area.

Moffles the Car Part Man.

The Navajo Code Talker Statue.

Arizona State Capitol.

Motherly Love Pandas

School of Planets.

Release the Fear Statue.

Site of news channels helicopters crash.

Vietnamese Church.

Grasshopper Bridge

Frank Lloyd Wright Spire.

Sunnyslope glassware garden.

UFO crash site.

Bil Keane statue of his cartoon series Family Circus.

Governor Hunt Pyramid Tomb

Tempe city hall is upside down Pyramid.

Hole in the Rock at Papago Park.

Big Horned Sheep on the side of rock.

Have a great week and see you next Friday.

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