Mackinac Island

What a beautiful day to go to Mackinac Island. For those who do not know Mackinac is pronounced mak-in-aw.

To get to the island you take the ferry from Mackinaw City. During the summer the ferry runs from early in the morning until 10 o’clock and departs every 15 minutes.

Departing today at another dock is one of the largest and oldest icebreaking ships that is now a museum.

Our ferry took us for a 5 minute detour to the Mackinac Bridge “Mighty Mac”. It was really cool to see the bridge up above your head. On the west side of the bridge is Lake Michigan and the east side is Lake Huron.

The Straits serve way to big cargo ships.

Approaching the island there were two lighthouses. The Round Island Lighthouse is located on the small uninhabitated Round Island and was built in 1894.

On the opposite side of the waterway off the shore of Mackinac Island is the Round Island Passage Light.

Approaching the island was a great shot of Fort Mackinac. It is the long building with the yellow umbrellas. The British built the fort in the later 1700s and it was used during the revolutionary war.

Makinac Island is 3.8 square miles. The only mode of transportation is walking, biking or horse and buggy.

When I arrived on the island I decided to forego the shops and famous fudge for a bike rental. I wanted to see the whole island.

And this is my kind of miniature golf!

My first stop was Arch Rock.

As you travel around the island the lake and its beauty are abundant.

Can you name any of theses wild flowering weeds?

This is me at British Landing….oh lawd

Making my way around the island was relatively non strenuous. Going up hill to some points of interest not so much!

First the Cemetery

Then Skull Cave

Then the Arch Rock from the top.

The Devils Kitchen

The beautiful quaint homes here are like a step back in time. Everything just slows down, sort of like the small towns in Tennessee.

I rode nearly 12 miles today. Only one small mishap with the bike and the skin on my shin, but I am fine. Back downtown for an icy cold root beer and board the ferry back to Mackinac City.

Its only about 30 minutes back to Cheboygan State Park but I did stop and check out the restored Cheboygan River Front Range Lighthouse.

And at the end of the day….a beautiful sunset.

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