The Upper Peninsula Trip

I started my journey to the Upper Peninsula yesterday on August 13th. I traveled highway 127 all the way through Michigan to my first destination.

I drove around 4 hours and stayed the night at the Houghton Lake Travel Park. I would recommend this park to anyone visiting the area. All the sites were pull through no matter how you were camping and all were equipped with water and electric. Driving through the town of Houghton Lake you could see views of the lake. The lake was very big and it looked very nice.

I really enjoyed the drive on the 127 Highway. The farms and fields in the southern part and then after Lansing there were a lot of marshy lands, filled with cat tails and wild flowers. As I travelled the rest of northern Michigan there were vast forests with lush green ferns covering the ground throughout. The easy rolling hills and green valleys made the trip pleasant.

I reached Cheboygan State Park around noon today and set up camp.

This afternoon late, I took Harlie and we set off hiking to find the ruins of the Cheboygan Point Lighthouse. In 1850 there was a lighthouse tower built but was taken out in 1859 as the waters from the lake threatened its safety. There was a new tower built on the top of the lighthouse keepers dwelling.

In 1930 the 14′ Shoal Lighthouse was built off the shoreline and the Cheboygan Point Lighthouse was abandoned and dismantled in the 1940s. What I visited today on my hike were what remains.

The newer 14′ Shoal Lighthouse sits offshore from the point.

We hiked around 4 miles roundtrip but it was worth it!

At the end of the day I walk 20 feet out my door and enjoy the view!


  1. Looking forward to following your blog again Lori! Can’t wait till we start Traveling America in 2020 when we retire!


  2. Lori, So beautiful, so sorry I missed such a wonderful experience. All I can hope for is the next one.
    Thank you for the extra work to get all the information to me.
    I’m at Spring Lake now.


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