Road Trip Part 1

It’s time to get out of the house!

A few weeks ago my brother and I set off for a road trip out to Tucson, Arizona. We started our trip in Lowell, Indiana, in a 15′ U-haul full of my son’s household items he had stored there. We trailered my Jeep behind so we would have a way back home.

I had planned on driving twelve hours a day to be in Tucson in three days and as you guessed that did not happen. Like many of us, when we get older we do not do as well driving at night. With the first day in the books we stayed the night in Portageville, Missouri at a family owned place called the New Orleans Inn. It was clean, affordable and pet friendly.

A good night’s sleep and coffee in hand we set off on day two. To get a break from the driving and the interstate we drove into Texarkana. Not much to see really just the Post Office which was half in Texas and half in Arkansas. That was kind of cool.

Sign in front of the Post Office.

We stayed the second night in Eastland, Texas, at the LaQuinta. Let’s just say it left a lot to be desired and had it not been 11 p.m. I would have left. I just couldn’t believe my eyes and in the morning I left very disappointed. Be my guest and look up the review on the Eastland, Texas reviews. By the way I received a full refund.

At this point I called my son and explained that we were going to be a day or two later. I really needed to break up this drive so we took in some side trips along the way.

New day with little sleep but first, the Giant Campbell Soup Can and Ole Rip! HaHa! My brother worked 35 years for Campbell’s and I worked 6 before going to the Post Office.

Big soup can and Ole Rip, the world’s most famous horned toad.

As we traveled across I-20 we decided to check out Abilene, Texas. Abilene seemed to be all about art and literature.

A stallion, a Tank on a Wall, Dino Bob and a Pig on Wheels
National Center for Childrens Illustrated Literature Museum and Park. Santa Clause, David & Fergus, The Easter Bunny and The Voyagers
Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, Turtle Tower, The Grinch and Max, Horton Hears a Who and The Lorax
Bull Skull, A Flamingo and The Man in the Moon
The Grace Museum (hotel), The Everman Park Fountain. And the T&P Depot
Adamson-Spalding Storybook Scuptures Stuart Little, Good Night Dinosaur and the Three Little Kittens
Otis the Tractor and Calf and also Marcel and Wilbur
The Three Pigs, The Three Bears and Goldilocks and Mr Tiger
The Generation Tree and Charlotte & Wilbur
Largest Bull Skull, Giant Microphone in Colorado City, Texas My brother on a 2-D Buffalo
“Frontier Texas” and Buffalo Skull

No trip to Texas is complete without visiting Andrews! Andrews just happens to be my families last name!

Just couldn’t get enough “Andrews”
We found it very amusing that the Andrews Water Tower and our old house number were in the same picture.

As the sun sinks into the west we continued our drive to Carlsbad, New Mexico. Night number three was spent at the Stevens Inn, Carlsbad, New Mexico. Another Motel that was not a chain, it was an excellent choice, clean and pet friendly.

Sun setting in NewMexico

Okay! Let’s get to it! We have some out of this world people to see today! Today we head to Roswell, New Mexico where the 1947 UFO incident happened, but first a stop in Artesia.

Large Old West Bronze Statues up and down Main Street
At the Derrick Floor with Bronze Statues
Murals from the International UFO Museum and Research Center
I am out numbered here!
Aliens took over McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts and the street lights!!
They were very friendly! Always waving hello!
The Tree of Knowledge This was wonderful!
The Oldest Citizen sculpture outside the Senior Center
POW Iron Cross and a statue of Robert Goddard rocket engineer

Well we escaped abduction and are heading west again toward Las Cruces, New Mexico.

These horse statues were at a roadside rest area.
Then there was this place called Fox Cave. It had a lot of off the wall statues, buildings and animals. Awwww the poor Muffler Man fell down.

As we descend out of the Lincoln National Forest and into Alamgordo, New Mexico we stop at White Sands National Park. It looks like snow but it is the whitest sand ever, hence the name!

Top picture is what the National Park looked like from a higher elevation.
It is still a desert!
Better watch out for those drifts!
My brother by a dune and people sledding on the sand
Pretty Cool 😎

We stopped in Las Cruces for dinner and headed out for Tucson. The last leg of the trip to our destination. A beautiful sunset from I-10 as we approach Arizona.

We made it to my son’s house around 930 p.m. and we were ready to relax for a few days.

While we were in Tucson we did a little exploring. The first was a drive up the Catalina Highway to Mt. Lemmon. If you like beautiful scenery and a slow pace drive this 52 miles roundtrip drive is for you!

Looking down on Tucson
Rock formations and valleys
Around mile 18 and my brother went out on the rocks overlooking the canyons. Yes that is him waving.
My brother Tony and myself
These people here are beasts!
At the top!

Besides visiting my son and daughter-in-law we also got some hot tub time in.

Son & Daughter-in-law

Another side trip we took while in Tucson was a trip to Tombstone. A little over an hour away you can step back in time and view the gunfight at the O.K. Corral and visit the dead at Boot Hill.

The 1882 Courthouse which is now a museum which is only $3.00 to view.
The Gallows
Big Nose Kate’s Saloon for food, fun and live music
Two Cowboys and a couple of movie posters
We toured the original Bird Cage Theatre
No ghosts today
Museum at the O.K. Corral
Wyatt Earp
Fun fact: They call it Boot Hill because most buried here died violently with their boots still on.
The Cemetery is said to hold 300 bodies of which 205 are recorded. You can find the Graves of Billy Clanton and the McLaurys who were shot at the O.K. Corral by Wyatt Earp, his brothers and Doc Holiday

Back in Tucson on another day, we drove around looking for Roadside America sights, murals and anything else we found interesting.

A Totem Pole and The Invisible Horses
Trail Dust Down an old west town with shops, shows and restaurants
While there I locked my brother up!
No one was around as they are only open Thursday through Sunday
Glenn Stone Muffler Man and a really big bottle of wine
Junk Sculptures and El Toro
Valley of the Moon
Like the invisible horses, there was another piece of artwork of the same concept called Unity. See how at different angles they seem invisible
Rattlesnake bridge
More murals
Airplane Tail on Sidewalk, Toby the Red Griffin, Giant Boot and Old Hotel sign
And yet more murals
The Wishing Shrine and Pancho Villa

So I really didn’t relax as much as I thought I would, but there was one more place to visit before we leave for the second part of our road trip. The Saguaro National Park.

Almost 92,000 acres make up the Saguaro National Park
The park gets it’s name from the density of Saguaro Cactus in the Sonoran Desert
A Barrel Cactus, a warning sign and the beautiful desert floor covered in Cactus
A short hike up to see petroglyphs
Saguaro can grow to be 70 feet in height and I am thinking the one on the left is going on 50 foot tall as my brother is 6′ tall

We decided to stick around until dusk and I am so glad we did!

This was our last night in Tucson and the end of Part 1 of our road trip.

I am so happy that my brother is retired so we can explore together and I can share with him some of the places I have previously visited and also have the chance to explore new places along the way with him!

Look for Part 2 coming soon!!


  1. Oh Lori, so very wonderful, as usual you show and share your adventure so openly. Thank you for remembering me.
    Your brother looks to be having a great adventure also. You two are so blessed to have each other and the time to share all the beautiful days ahead.
    Again thank you,
    Your friend John


  2. So cool! I’m glad you & Tony got to do this trip together. Don’t get too bored with the Route 66 scene as I still want to do it too! Luv ya sista!


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