Looking back

Happy New Year 2020!

I hope 2020 has started off well for you and yours!

Time is winding down to my last few weeks here in Fort Morgan, Alabama. It has been nice to be out of the camper but I must admit I miss my little home on the road!

I look back on the past fifteen months and all the places I have been and the things I have done.

I wanted to share with you some highlights of my adventures over that time period.

Since mid October 2018 I have traveled over 11,300 miles in my camper and another 3,270 miles when I flew to explore the New England states.

I have stayed at 34 different campgrounds, 3 Airbnb’s and boondocked 10 times.

I have also visited 25 states, 4 Great Lakes, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

As I look back I want to share some of my favorite places I have visited.

Fort Pickens, Florida, this beautiful white sandy peninsula and part of the National Seashore is worth the trip every time I go.

The Creole Nature Trail in Southern Louisiana

This is 180 miles and a must do! It starts west of Lake Charles, Louisiana and travels down to the gulf coast and back to the east of Lake Charles. Sanctuaries, refuges, wildlife, birding, beaches and shelling are all part of the adventure.

Seminole Canyon State Historical Park in Texas

Where the Pecos River and the Rio Grande converge and you can stand in the United States and look across to Mexico.

Joshua Tree National Park

Everything about Joshua Tree is amazing. Literally this place has as much as you want to explore, from the Joshua trees to different species of cacti to boundless rock formations to hiking and camping.

Watkins Glen State Park in New York

A place you could walk everyday and be in awe of the beauty of nature.

Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania

History, history, history. From the hollowed grounds of the battlefields to the historic downtown, a visit to Gettysburg is a must.

And the beautiful coast of Maine where harbor towns and lighthouses abound.

Theses are just a few of my favorite places, but if you are new to my blog you can find weekly blogs on all my adventures thus far at http://www.solotraveler1958.com


I have met some wonderful people in my travels.

My good friend/sister, Tracy, who has been my traveling companion for a good portion of the past fifteen months.

And John, who traveled with Tracy and I from Tennessee through Texas.

Our new friend Mary from Gulf Shores, Alabama by way of Kansas City, Missouri.

The entire gang from Luxury RV Park in Gulf Shores enjoying the Christmas Parade.

Cindi and Lee from Lafayette, Indiana and Luxury RV Park.

Jeff from Lake Corpus Christi, Texas.

My Cousin Teresa and these three hunks at Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Ladies from Wednesday game day at Desert Springs RV Park in Casa Grande, Arizona.

My favorite bunch of people from Canada at Desert Springs RV Park.

Me, Linda, Hilda, MaMa, Tracy, Nancy, Deb, Kathy and The Margarita Mistress Val

My new friends from my spring trip back to Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Amy, Lisa, Mary, myself and Allison from Luxury RV Park.

Oh and These Guys!

Kathy my Airbnb host from Nashua, New Hampshire.

The main moose guide of Moosehead Lake in Maine, Tim.

And I always have my two best friends with me, my loves and fur babies, Harlie and Frannie Lou.


It’s all about first’s, right!? I have had some very good first’s!

My first Moose!!!!! Bonus there is a calf!

My first and last Lobster Roll.

Born and raised in Ohio and this was my first trip to Ohio Caverns.

My first spring training game.

My first Schooner trip.

My first Rodeo! YeeHaa!

The first time I ever had my face this close to a goats face.

First time breathing under water.

My first Pow Wow.

First time in jail.

The first time I ever saw a Roadrunner.

My first Christmas away from my family.

My Campers first time on a ferry.

The first time I ever touched a stingray.

My first Beignet YUM!

The first stop on this grand adventure.

There it is, my first blog of 2020!

I am headed out west to Arizona when I leave Fort Morgan on February 1st.

I am looking forward to relaxing in the desert until the cactus bloom.

Until then be happy and healthy.