Heading to Arizona

Leaving beautiful Big Bend National Park and going it alone. John has left to go back to Florida and Tracy is heading to our destination in Arizona early.

Me, well, I have other plans.

I drove through Fort Stockton where I boondocked at Walmart for the night. I am not big on those long travel days. Two to four hours is plenty.

Wow! I also saw this huge Roadrunner!

I am off to Carlsbad Caverns and I will admit that driving on Highway 285 is not the best. It’s dirty all along the road sides and the smell from the drilling was enough to keep the windows closed. The roads weren’t the best either since the two lane highway is mainly traveled by big trucks.

I arrive in Whites City where I will stay for two nights. This little town has a lot of potential to be something special as it literally sits at the entrance to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. I have full hookup here but the sites are really close to each other, only sepatated by a picnic table. Lucky for me there is no one on either side of me.

There is a little strip mall which has a small grocery, a gift shop, an oddities shop, a tee-shirt shop, a post office, restrooms and a laundry.

Because of the government shutdown the Caverns and Visitor Center are closed but the park is open. I drove into the park and there is a 9.5 mile scenic road you can take to see the topography of the area. I have seen caverns before so I wasn’t upset I didn’t get to see them.

Unlike the Big Bend National Park area, this area has more rounded hilly mountains than the rock formations in southern Texas.

The Visitors Center

It was a pretty day for a nice drive and the girls didn’t seem to mind.

Tonight is the Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse. So I watched the sunset and then I watched the moon rise.

I did not make to the eclipse. I was tired so we went to bed early for our big day the following morning.

7:00 a.m., rise and shine! We are on our way to three different destinations.

First, the UFO Museum in Roswell, NM. The museum was interesting as it had a movie theatre, some displays, but mostly articles, pictures and even affidavits that you could read.

Aliens were everywhere! Even at the Mexican Restaurants.

The Second destination, Sitting Bull Falls in the Lincoln National Forest. Driving in (32 miles) there is this sign, really????

There were actually two falls that you took a short walk to. It was very windy and you will notice the spray coming off the main fall.

The most greenery I have seen since in New Mexico.

The girls didn’t like the wind so I left them in the truck while I took the short trek to the falls.

Bonus!!! As we are driving out of the National Forest we are greeted by several deer and fawns.

Last on my list today. The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens in Carlsbad.

What a nice place to visit. The self guided tour takes you through gardens of plants and cacti that are from the surrounding areas.

They have a birding area.




Bald Eagle

Golden Eagle

Another Owl

They also had several animals native to the surrounding deserts and mountains.


Grey Wolf

Black Bear




Mountain Lions

And of course they had the reptiles.

Gila Monster

Diamondback Rattlesnake

WOW! The wind last night was crazy! So I was up early to drive to Las Cruces, NM.

I drove through the Guadalupe Mountains National Park on my way. It definitely had some beautiful views.

I spent the night in Las Cruces, NM at the Hacienda RV & Rally Resort. This resort gets two thumbs up. The back in spots were a little short but I got her in there, other than that this place was very nice! Clean, affordable and close to shopping and restaurants.

The next morning I went to a Farmers & Crafts Market in downtown. It was a small one and the people very friendly.

Then I visited the worlds biggest chile at the Big Chile Inn.

I found another interesting scuplture in one of the parks in Las Cruces. It’s called “Dineh” and it honors the Native Americans of New Mexico.

I also found another giant recycled Roadrunner. It is 20 feet tall and 40 feet long. This one is made of shoes, electronics, crutches and lots of other crazy stuff.

It’s time to head west to Tombstone, AZ. I stayed at the Wells Fargo RV & Campground. It is the best location to Tombstone downtown because it’s right around the corner. No need to unhitch as it’s all in walking distance.

I visited Tombstone a few years back and so wanted to take the ghost tour at the infamous “Bird Cage Theater”. Tonights my lucky night!

These cribs above the Theater/gambling Room were where the shady ladies entertained the men.

After the initial tour of the history and ghost stories we sat around a table with objects to entice the spirits. Then our guide turned the lights out.

She spoke to the spirits and other guests asked questions. We heard footsteps, a few taps and one louder knock. Towards the end I actually heard a whisper in my ear. Yes I have always been a believer in the spirit world.

I have some photos of the orbs and this one particular picture that an object appears in a reflection and cannot be explained or identfied.

A visit to Tombstone is not complete without a visit to the O.K. Corral where they reenact the infamous gunfight.

Other sights around Tombstone.

There were lots of nice shops on the streets of Tombstone along with several saloons.

I ran across a curious museum of sorts that had some very interesting items on display.

The two headed pig.

Huge decapitated snake head

Two headed snake

The skull with the red hair and braid.

It was an interesting store to say the least and the couple who ran it were very cool.

Well it’s time to head to my next destination where I will meet up with Tracy again.

We will be here until the first of March.

Excited to pick up my cousin Teresa on Saturday morning. She is coming to stay for 4 days. We will see what kind of fun/trouble we can get into!

Until next week, be safe, be happy and be loved!


  1. So cool u found big foot! It seems there was a lot of 2 headed animals… u think from the aliens? Luv the ghost tour too! Did u see the face in the rock pic u took? I did😊 Have fun, luv u & travel on sista!


  2. Wow what a trip and what fantastic photos. the scenery looks amazing and I would love to visit Roswell as it just seems so weird and unique. Not too sure about all the freaky animals but they sure give places a bit of character. Great post.


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