Goodbye & Hello

We have been in Gulf Shores for nearly a month and last Saturday Tracy and I stopped to discover the history of this beautiful place at the Gulf Shores Museum.

Gulf Shores is located in southern Alabama. Earliest inhabitants of the area were the Creeks. Choctawa, Chickasaw and Cherokee tribes. Later in the 1500’s Spaniards had settled in the Fort Morgan area until the fort was constructed in the 1800’s.

In 1937 the Intercoastal Waterway was finished linking the mainland to the coastal beaches. In 1939 The Gulf State Park was formed. Still the community of Gulf Shores who were mainly shrimpers, oysterers and fishermen were sparse.

The first post office was opened in 1947 and with tourism on the rise incorporation activities began in 1956 and by 1958 the city received validation for incorporation by the judicial system. Hard to believe this was less than 65 years ago! Development was sporadic for years and the Gulf Coast enjoyed relative anonymity until Hurricane Fredric hit in 1979 destroying nearly everything in its path.

Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Katrina also have left their marks on Gulf Shores but the community seems to rebound quickly as it is such a great vacation spot.

Gosh, I would have loved to visit here when I was a kid. Just looking at all the old photographs makes you want to go back in time to a much simpler way of life. I guess I was born in the wrong century.

Every October there is a Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores. Miss Sunny just had her 50th birthday, they don’t name one anymore.

Here are some previous winners of the speckled trout rodeo.

In May they have the Gulf Shores Music Festival. Make your reservations early! It is sponsored by the Hangout.

The first Hangout

The Hangout now

The Music Festival

It is really hard to believe that this is what Gulf Shores looked like back in the 1950s compared to now.


With Christmas approaching there’s nothing like a Christmas parade!

Here is the group from the RV park waiting for the parade to start.

It was a chilly one!

The Gulf Shores High School Band

Their mascot a dolphin

Floats! Most were decorated boats and pontoons.

A few cute faces!

And of course…..Santa & Mrs Clause

It was such a fun time to spend with new friends. OH! And if you think people over sixty are old and slow, toss them candy from Christmas floats and get out of the way!

The State Park has become one of our favorite places to hike, add another four miles!

There were several of these bird houses throughout the park.

This is a picture of the terrain on the sides of the trail.

Does it look like a star on top this barren tree to you?

If you lose your way just look for this sign! It’s just a short way to the next big town!

We have been staying at the Luxury RV Park and I have to say they had it all. Water, electric, sewer and cable. Nice clean bathrooms and showers and the location was perfect, just three blocks from the beach and restaurants.

John and I took one last six plus mile walk to the pier and back on our last beautiful day.

Jets overhead from Pensacola.

Our last night here they had their Christmas party. Good food, good friends and a Dirty Santa gift exchange. I got picked first so at the end I got to pick any thing I wanted. Yay me!

Lee and Cindi from Indiana, our Purdue friends.

Barb works up at the office. A most pleasant and helpful woman! Gonna miss them all.

Goodnight Gulf Shores it sure has been fun!

This morning we are on the road to our next destination. After a brief stop at Camping World and then breakfast at Cracker Barrel we stopped at Sams Club for Salmon.

Once we crossed over into Mississippi we took the scenic route along the coast through Biloxi, Gulfport and Bay Saint Louis to arrive at Buccaneer State Park for a few weeks.

Biloxi Lighthose decorated for Christmas.

The Friendship Oak is a 531 year old southern live oak located on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi in Long Beach. This tree was absolutely huge spreading a half of a block.

There were metal supports holding some of the heaviest limbs in place.

Here is the sunset tonight from the entrance to Buccaneer State Park.

Good night from the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


  1. I love that you guys stay at so many unique RV Parks. I am pretty sure I would LOVE to go on some of these trips.
    Question of the day … Do you have a favorite restaurant while traveling on the road? Seems like Cracker Barrel is a regular stop! 🙂


    1. Cracker Barrel serves breakfast all day so if one wants lunch and another wants breakfast it works! We have ate at some very good places. In Gulf Shores my favorites were the Oyster House and Lamberts Cafe


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