Wind Creek State Park on beautiful Lake Martin in Alabama

Saturday, October 27th, we set out for our Fall/Winter/Spring journey across the southern US, departing from Crossville, Tennessee.

We, The Traveling Trio, consists of myself, my friend Tracy Harrison and our friend John Koharcheck. We caravaned through Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama in my 23′ Vintage camper, Tracy’s 13′ Scamp and John’s 16 ‘ Mini Airstream. Halfway we had lunch at Cracker Barrel then continued on our trek arriving at Wind Creek State Park.

Wind Creek S.P. is located outside of Alexander City, Alabama. With 626 sites to choose from and tons of amenities, this park has something for everyone.

This is one to definitely put on your list.

The park sits on the banks of Lake Martin. The biggest man-made lake in Alabama, its covers 44,000 acres and nearly 750 miles of shoreline.

In 1923 the construction of Martin Dam began. The dam is located at the Cherokee Bluffs on the Tallapoosa River. The dam was finished in 1926, after the TVA relocated over 15,000 people from a dozen of small towns. The number of living and non living persons relocated due to the dam made it possible for this beautiful recreation area. We visited the dam and it was huge!

There are many activities outside of the park. For instance, we took a trip to Smith Mountain for some hiking. We set off from the parking lot for the Fire Tower trail. This trail was .7 mile to the fire tower.

Built in 1939, the fire tower was restored and was open to the public in 2012. The fire tower was in operation for forty-one years. It is 90 feet tall and it has 111 steps to get to the top.

From the top you have many great views of Lake Martin and you can see nine counties.

As you descend from the top of the fire tower you get a good view of the rock formation called The Devils Backbone.

That’s me up there! Always liked to climb.

There also are the remains of an old watchman building visible from the ground or the tower.

We did it! Not bad for three old farts!

In Dadeville we had lunch at a local diner, Bob’s Fine Food. It was very good and I would recommend it if you are in the area.

We also visited Children’s Harbor, an organization/campus for chidren with serious illnesses and their families. It really isn’t open to the public but I couldn’t help from getting a quick picture of the church and lighthouse. or

Part of the Childrens Harbor is the Hank Williams Kowaliga Cabin. The link below tells the story of the cabin and its link to Hank Williams. Very interesting read. Do you remember the song Kowaliga? I remember the Charlie Pride version!

One of the reasons I love to travel back roads is because you see so much more of the local history. You know, like, The Real White House in Our Town!

One evening we drove into Alexander City to have dinner at Jake’s on Broad. I had read where they play bingo on Thursday nights for charity. Tonights charity was the Lake Martin Animal Shelter.

The food was amazing and we had a great time with the friendly locals. Oh! Tracy bingo’d three times.

This is a mural of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Clarence Clemons on the side of a music store downtown.

On Saturday morning John and I visited the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum in Alexander City. We had our own personal tour guide and, man was he knowledgeable! It was very cool to see the cars that were popular when we were growing up. Most were Mopar but there were a few other makes in the mix.

They took us to the garage and we even got to sit in this 1966 Corvette!

I have had a very relaxing week. As our stay winds down we have had a great time here at Wind Creek State Park. From exploring the park, long walks, campfires, playing yatzee, fishing and just hanging out and watching our favorite daily visitor (Harry da Herron).

Harlie and Frannie

Sunset from another part of the campground.

Tracy enjoying the fire.

Sunset from our campground.

He never caught a single fish. Neither did I.

There were several chimneys like these throughout the park. We assume they were old homesteads.

This silo was built in 1915. When the land was sold to the Alabama Park Division it was a gift shop for a short time, but now it is a place to catch a great view of the lake.

Park pictures from the day visitor area.


Hiking with Harlie and Tracy.

Smoke on the water.

This campground is very nice. The sites were good sized and the restrooms were nice and clean. There was a nice beach and day visitor area. You couldn’t beat the views of the lake. Tons of things to do like fishing, hiking, swimming, boating, kayaking, horseshoes, volleyball, canoeing, zip-lining, biking, there is an archery range and an equestrian campground and trails.

I found it a little odd that the sites had a curb on the one side by the water, electric and sewer, which meant your sewer hose had to go over the curb. Must have had a few backed into over the years.

The only complaint I have was, the campground had a lot of litter after the prior weekends Halloween party. We picked up around our sites and today Volunteers came around and were picking litter up.

Tonight we made our plans for our morning departure and our journey to Fort Pickens on the Gulf Islands National Seashore in the Florida panhandle.

Until next week! Take care.


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