I left Grand Marais this morning wishing I could stay longer. I honestly think I could live here, I just love it. I hope I make it back sometime when it snows and the leaves are off the trees! I love hiking in the snow, but not if it is thirty below!

As I was driving down the North Shore, pieces of Lake Superior kept peeking in and out of the trees. I will definitely miss her and the way she makes me feel. I am very calm and relaxed when I gaze out into her beautiful blue waters. But it’s funny, I feel more so when she is stormy and turbulent. Maybe I need my head examined! Ha! Left that one open for everyone!

Today I drove quite a distance. From Grand Marais, Minnesota to Iron Mountain, Michigan. I am boondocking tonight in the Walmart parking lot along with several other campers, RVs and a semi.

You may ask what doondocking is. Well, it is camping where it is legal without any hookups, like water and electric.

Is it safe you ask. Well you need to be a little aware of your surroundings. I mean I wouldn’t boondock in El Paso, or Detroit or Chicago. Generally you are very safe. Walmart’s like RVers because they usually need supplies and that’s business smart. Also, some Walmarts have security personnel and most have security cameras.

Other places that people boondock are; Dicks Sporting Goods, Cracker Barrels, Gander Mountain, REIs, Camping Worlds, Pilots, Flying Js, and Loves.

I boondocked nearly all of my Route 66 trip a couple years ago. I even stayed out in the desert one night! I think my Mom would have thought me crazy for that one.

Bottom line is….if you don’t feel safe don’t do it. If you do feel safe go for it. When you are having a travel day, like I did today and its only 65 degrees outside, why not!?

Tomorrow I head to Indian Lake State Park and then I will be heading back to my daughters in Paulding for a few days.


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