Apostle Islands

Say goodbye to the Upper Peninsula for now and hello Wisconsin.

This was Gogebic Lake this morning before I left.

On my way to Buffalo Bay Campground today or was I?

So I get to Bayfield, Wisconsin and decide I should go to my “park advisor” app and find Buffalo Bay campground and tap navigate.

You know the routine, turn right on, then turn right on, then turn left, your destination is on the right. I am headed along a nice paved highway and my turn right is a dirt road. What? I thought I left the U.P. Anyways, I am patient and it was only 5 miles, what’s the big deal. The big deal was my destination was now called Raspberry Campground and the sign in front of me read, as follows “This campground is for Tribe members only! All non members will be prosecuted” REALLY? REALLY?

So doing the logical thing I thought I will turn around and head back to Bayfield. So yes I had to drive through the campground and there were these old run down campers and no one in sight. I turned to leave and there was a woman standing at the door of her camper watching me. I couldn’t get back to the main road quick enough!

As I approach the outskirts of Bayfield. I see the Legendary Casino and Resorts. There was a campground and marina behind the Casino. I decided to walk in and ask if they knew where the Buffalo Bay campground was and she asked if I had reservations, which I did, and the relief I felt when she said it was right behind the Casino and I was in site 41. Yay me!

See the marina? Campground is right beside it.

After getting a quick lunch I booked a boat trip to see the caves, cliffs, arches and sea stacks of the Apostle Islands. We didn’t actually go to one of the twenty-two islands but we did get to experience the beauty of what ice, wind and waves have done to the shores of these islands.

I drove about 13 miles to the little town of Cornucopia.

This is Meyers Beach

And Cornucopia

The dock had a museum and some local craft shops.

Some old fishing boats.

I arrive at the dock and it was just me and a family of four for the tour. Jody, or tour guide and captain was a Louisiana born native married to a Wisconsin native. He was very friendly, fun and a carefree sort of guy.

So we are off! Lake Superior is very calm today and clear enough to see the bottom in places. Loved seeing the bald eagles.

I know these are a bunch of pictures and some of them are us in the caves or going through the arches and some were shot with me looking up.

I think it was very cool of Captain Jody to jump in the water with the two boys. They had fun and it is something they will never forget.

The lake on our way back

I got adventurous and tried my first and last fish taco today. Some things just weren’t made to go in a tortilla shell.

Tomorrow I head to Minnesota.


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