Rain Rain go away!

I left Fort Wilkins with a sad face today. I want to stay and live on the shore of Lake Superior….well until the snow starts!

I didn’t hurry around today as there wasn’t much on the agenda.

I drove through Hancock and there was a McDonald’s so I stopped for a mocha and a sausage burrito. Now here is the thing, unlike Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, Walmart’s and McDonald’s are a rare occurrence. Today is the first time I have seen a Walgreen’s since I left Ohio.

The small towns really rely on tourism, logging and fishing now because there really isn’t a lot of mining anymore.

So my destination today is Lake Gogebic State Park. I am only here for the night and it is raining so I will relax and maybe get that nap in.

I did manage to find another lighthouse which is privately owned by the County Historical Society of Ontonagon County. You can get a picture from the other side of the river.

This lighthouse is the Ontonagon and was built in 1867.

No sailing today folks.

From Ontonagon here…

I headed to the Porcupine Mountain State Park

I had to look it up! Eked means manage to support ones self or make a living with difficulty.

The reason I wanted to visit here was the Lake in the Clouds. This gorge lies about 2 miles from Lake Superior and in that distance the ground rises 1,000 feet. Nestled in between the mountains the lake is 500 feet down from where I am standing. Very neat!

Tomorrow morning I am headed for an overnight stay in Wisconsin at the Apostle Islands and then on to Minnesota for a few days.


  1. That lake is soooo cool😊 Yes, it would be nice if when we vacation, we could control the weather. Luv u sis❤️ Stay & travel safe🙏


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