Trek to Copper Harbor

Leaving Munising today for the trek to Fort Wilkins at Copper Harbor. I found a few lighthouses and a very cool waterfall.

It was a beautiful sunny 70 degree day and Lake Superior seemed much calmer today as I caught glimpses of her while driving the coast to Marquette.

When I drove through Marquette I was in search of the big red lighthouse I spotted across the harbor. I drove along the shoreline which was lined with modern condos and townhomes. There was a very nice park on the shoreline and a yacht club.

Once I arrived at the Maritime Museum the parking lot was way to small for me to park. So I drove around the corner and parked on a side street and walked. I didn’t have time to view the museum so I set out for the beautiful red lighthouse which sat behind the museum. The Marquette Harbor Lighthouse sits up high with steps on both sides.

This lighthouse was built in 1853 and is not in use.

Two beacons sit in the harbor on both sides of the lighthouse. One to the north and one to the south.

Back on the road again. When I saw the sign for Canyon Falls at the roadside area (we call the rest areas where I come from) I was intrigued.

The girls didn’t like the falls too much but they did enjoy the walk.

And once again refreshed with a walk and some cold water we were off again.

I noticed on my lighthouse map that there was another one in L Anse. The hunt was on!

After you drive around the bay you turn into the Ojibwe Campground and the road winds around to the Sand Point Lighthouse.

Built in 1878 and is now part of the Ojibwe reservation campground.

The lighthouse is not in use anymore and has been replaced by a beacon.

As I told myself “no more stops until camp” we found our way driving up Hwy 41. It was a winding road full of trees starting to show color here and there. We drove through several small towns and as we drove through Houghton we had to wait for the draw bridge to let this boat through.

Finally! 182 miles from where we started at 9:15 a.m. we arrive at Copper Harbor and made our way to Fort Wilkins around 5:30 p.m.

After camp is set up, I started a fire. Hotdogs and pasta tonight! Yum Yum!!

After dinner I took the girls for a walk to see the Copper Harbor Lighthouse which was a short way from the campground. Unfortunately the 1861 Lighthouse can only be seen up close by a boat tour because the land getting to the lighthouse is privately owned….What? Don’t they work these things out before they sell the land?

There is an overlook, however, the resourceful person I am, I saw a path to the beach and I took it. Once to the beach I saw other resourceful people did as well. I apologize for the grainy photos but whats a girl got to do? Break the law???

While on the beach I met a really nice family from Escanaba, Michigan. They loved the girls and the girls like them! We all sat there and talked and watched the sun go down together. They were very nice and friendly.

Evan, Sherry and Jim from Escanaba MI

And the sunset was beautifull

This is the lake Fanny Hooe that is out my door at camp.

Good night folks!

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