Waterfalls and Miner’s Castle

Late start this morning. I slept in and just enjoyed the cool temps and my coffee.

I started off with a plan today and somehow I didn’t quite make it! There is always tomorrow!

For the next few days I will be at the Otter Creek Campground about 8 miles south of Munising, Michigan. I picked up a map and come to find out there are several waterfalls in the area.

So I set out to see a few of these waterfalls and head over to Grand Marais, Michigan for the day. I did not make it to Grand Marais but I definitely got my exercise in.

Wagner Falls is a 20′ cascading waterfall and about a quarter mile in and out.

Alger Falls is a roadside 20′ cascading waterfall also.

I know what your thinking…she said she got her exercise in?

Munising Falls is a 50′ drop fall and it was a half mile in and out.

The twin falls. Really nice falls but seriously have to watch your step or you will be the fall! It was really narrow in places and it had alot of roots to dodge.

First of the twins was Memorial Falls which is a 30′ drop fall. I wasn’t too impressed with this one.

The other twin was Tannery Falls. The rock formations were very cool and the fall was very nice too. This fall was a 40′ drop fall.

This was a 2 mile hike to both falls.

One of the places I had jotted down to see was Miner Castle. Sounds pretty neat doesn’t it? I don’t believe I have ever been to a castle!

This my friends is Miner Castle…..

Yeah it wasn’t what I thought but I loved it! To the lower overlook and back a half mile total.

Add another half mile to the list!

Next I stopped at Miners Falls. This by far was the most impressive fall of the day. Over a 50′ drop to the bottom where people had climbed down off the path to get a refreshing cold shower! This one was 1.5 miles total.


enjoy exploring waterfalls and castles but I have to say that nothing will ever beat the Niagara Falls!

Honorable mention to Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee!

So did you add it all up? I hiked 4.75 miles today and that isn’t counting the steps!

Another day of adventure tomorrow!

By the way are the leaves turning where you are? A couple here and there are here!

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