Finding a Lighthouse

Today I left Brimley State Park around 10:30 a.m. and headed for my next stop at Muskallonge State Park.

Once at the park we set up camp and set out to find Crisp Point Lighthouse. This ended up being a four hour ordeal but that was good in a way because it kept my mind busy.

This is the road that I drove twenty plus miles to find a lighthouse.

The whole time I was thinking, this better be worth it! I didn’t have GPS because there is just no internet service up here. At times the road was single lane which made it hairy if there was an oncoming vehicle. In the Upper Peninsula you will find more roads like this than paved ones!

Was it worth it? Yes it was. It’s a beautiful lighthouse. The view was magnificent and there were plenty of people that traveled those roads too.

Harlie, Frannie and I walked on the beach and took in the bright sunny sky. If you know what your looking for the rocky beach challenges you finding agate.

On the drive back, I noticed a sign off to the side. I stopped to read it. WOW

Also got this guy close to camp! Only in the Upper Peninsula!

At this point I just needed food, a beverage and a nice relaxing fire.

So I built a really nice fire. By the way I can build a fire too! Roasted some hotdogs and the girls and I ate like queens!

The fire felt extremely good since it was only 68 degrees outside.

Before the sun went down I decided that I wanted to go sit by the Lake. It was a great evening. 68 degrees and a light breeze. I found these stairs to the beach were quite unique.

Tonight I want to dedicate my blog to my cousin. He died yesterday in an accident in Lake Erie. He was only 46.

Jeff, You were larger than life.

A happy soul who made everyone around you happy.

I will miss that smile and those loving hugs you gave me whenever I saw you.

You will be so very missed. I love you

In memory of Jeff Jervis ♡♡♡♡♡


  1. Oh Lori, u made me cry😢. I want u to stay safe in all ur travels 🙏. I so loved how u dedicated ur blog to Jeffy & luv the pics😊 Especially of the girls! Travel on sissy❤️


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