Day 21

I left Chicago three weeks ago and here I am at the end of my journey.  I can’t believe it.   I have seen so many places and met the friendliest people over this time.  I’ve learned a lot about our country and the cultures of many people. Most of all I have learned that no matter what I will have wonderful memories of an amazing adventure across America’s Mother Road, Route 66! I can truly say I got my kicks on Route 66!!!!

So LA here I come!  It was sunny at times, cloudy at times and even a few sprinkles of rain throughout my 7 (yes I said 7) hours to get to the end and see the Pacific Ocean and see that 66 sign!  I was able to get some pictures early in the day but the traffic was really bad the closer I got to Pasadena and LA that I couldn’t pull off to get anymore.  

The morning sky at the Mojave Narrows Regional Park where we camped.  I decided not to try and pull the camper through LA and I am really glad I didn’t. 

I had to get on I-15 south for about the first 15 miles but I did manage to visit the Old Outpost Cafe and what is left of the Summit Inn.

I drove through the Cajon Summit and exited the highway onto Cajon Boulevard on the downside. 

Cajon Blvd. took me along Cajon Creek and past the Blue Cut.

On Cajon Blvd I did manage to find a few interesting old signs and the Mitla Cafe dating back to 1937.

In Rialto there were the concrete Tee-Pees at the Wig Wam Motel.

Friends from Defiance this next place reminded me of the old Burger Chef that sat on Second Street. 

It was cool that almost everyone had giant foothills in their back yards.  Sorta reminded me of the movie ET.

I passed the EL Rey Motel, Ned’s Oil and Stuff and the Sand and Sage Motel before I saw the 1936 Bono’s Restaurant and the famous Bono’s Historic Orange. 

Here is an old gas station in Rancho Cucamonga CA

Artwork across the roadway.

The 1957 Magic Lamp Inn and the giant neon lamp.

The 1848 Sycamore Inn is still beautiful. 

In Upland was the 1929 Buffalo Inn

In Claremount the 1917 Wolfe’s Market is still going strong.

In La Verne there was this old Schwinn Bicycle Shop and the La Paloma Cafe dating 1928.

In San Dimas the Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse with its covered wagon entrance.

In Glendora/Azusa there was the Foothills Drive In Theater and the Golden Spur Restaurant.

In Monrovia there was The Hat, world’s best pastrami, the Oak Park Motel, Dale’s Garage and the beautiful 1925 Aztec Hotel.

Entering Pasadena before it got crazy was the Whistle Stop Trains store from 1951 and the 1950s Saga Motor Lodge.

I drove up Sunset Boulevard 

I also drove through Beverly Hills

And none other than Rodeo Drive

Wad able to get one mural of Tony Curtis

And if you squint and look really hard the Hollywood sign.

Finally Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Pier and the Pacific Ocean.

And 21 days later Me and my little Frannie Lou at the trails end.

I drove through some amazing towns and cities on my way to my final destination. This has been the trip of a lifetime for me! Thanks to all who have followed me. I hope you have enjoyed my journey as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you!

Now my next adventure….stay tuned!


  1. That burger place does kind of remind me of the burger chef in Defiance and that orange reminds me of one in Orlando just like that. You sure have traveled some miles sister. It’s been fun to travel along with you on your blog. Be safe heading home. Love and miss you! *hugs*


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