Day 20

Beeeeautiful day for a drive through the Mojave Desert!  

The little town of Goffs CA had a 1914 schoolhouse that has been restored and I wish I could have explored it but I didn’t make an appointment.   

In Essex the remains of the Wayside Market was all that was there.

Interesting artwork along the highway for miles and miles.  Jerry calls this the “Route 66 Public Art Corridor “. Travelers of the Route 66 have left their names with rocks off the berm of the road.  And when in Rome do as the Romans do!

There was a restored rest area with tablets that described the history of the area.

Driving up through Cadiz Summit there were remnants of buildings of long ago, now covered with graffiti.  On the hill more rock art and a pink cross at the top. At the bottom of Cadiz Summit was the Chambless Market.


The ruins of a decapitated roadrunner at the Roadrunners Retreat Cafe and Station.  

Along the road you never know what you will find in a vast desert.

Roy’s Cafe and Motel, an establishment from 1927 in Amboy CA has been in many movies and videos.

Not far from Amboy is the Amboy Crater, a national landmark whose lava flowed across Route 66.  You could see the black lava rocks for miles down the road.

Ludlow had some interesting old buildings.   There was a Motel there and the gas price for regular unleaded was 4.99 a gallon, luckily I didn’t need any.

Route 66 passes the Pisgah Crater also.

Finally!  The Bagdad Cafe in Newberry Springs CA.

Also in Newberry Springs was an old Whiting Bros Gas Station and a Motel sign.

The Daggett Garage dates back to 1880s. There are some other neat buildings and the Desert Market. 

Barstow CA is the home of the El Rancho Motel and the Desert Inn. Also, some cool 66 Motel signs and you got it, murals!  

The road from Barstow had little to offer as far as vintage Route 66 goes, but I did find the Bottle Tree Ranch and made some new friends at the Iron Hog Saloon!

In Oro Grande, 66 cuts through a 1925 era Railroad underpass so you can get to the Antiques Station.

A 1930 “Modified Baltimore Truss” Bridge takes you over the Mojave River and beyond that is Emma Jean’s Holland Burger where a scene from Kill Bill was filmed.

I am staying at the Mojave Desert Regional Park tonight and a good friend Tim and his wife Siera came to meet me for dinner at BWWs.

Tomorrow I should reach the end of Route 66.  Hopefully it’s Sunday and LA traffic won’t be that bad.  The Buckeyes lost and I am sad but as long as they beat Michigan I don’t care!  Life is great no matter how you look at it!

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