Day 19

I had a great time with my grandson last night and today  I am backtracking from Henderson NV to Kingman AZ where I left off yesterday.  It was a warm one today 95 degrees warm to be exact. TGIhaveairconditioning!

Kingman AZ is where Andy Devine grew up.  He was in television, movies and radio, people my age would remember him as “Hap” on the series Flipper.

I caught several neat murals while in Kingman.  Route 66 is the main drag through town so it was fun to find so much 66 stuff!  The El Trovatore had a mural of the entire Route 66 on the front of the Motel as they claim to have the longest Route 66 road map.  I didnt get a picture of it, too many obstructions but I did see it.  I caught the Hill Top Motel, the Route 66 Motel and the Hotel Beale. There was a very nice visitor center and across the street was Mr D’s Diner and a 1927 Santa Fe steam locomotive.   Remember looking for a new or used car with your parents, well “OK”.  I even found the one and only Mr Magoo!

The next 44 miles on Route 66 takes me through steep roads, cliffs, hairpin curves and falling rock.  As I drive along Oatman Hwy/Back Country Byway I keep watching as the Black Mountains get closer and closer.  As I make my way up Sitgreaves Pass the rock formations and tall mountains to my left and no road to my right make for an exuberant drive. You will see!

PS I never stopped where it wasn’t safe to do so.  

As I descend down the mountain I passed an old mine and a couple of old structures. 

I descend into Oatman AZ an authentic western ghost town and mining camp. Drats!  I didn’t see one ghost!  I did see a lot of people and mules running freely. There are some very old buildings here and if you use your imagination you get a glimpse into the past.  Frannie did not like the mules!

And if you gotta put your big girl pantis on they got one for everybody!

Outside of Oatman were the remnants of some old buildings, maybe houses of the first miners.

I will make it to California today!  I see the Colorado River!   Across to California and $3.50 plus a gallon of gas OMG!  In the town of Needles.  

Awwww the Welcome Wagon!   El Graces, the huge Harvey House is beautiful as it sits across the street from the train tracks.  The building with the three Moroccan-arch doorways dates back to 1929 and use to be a Masonic Temple. There was the old Sage Motel and a structure from an old gas station.  Of course, I found murals!

This is my view while I do laundry and drink an ice cold creme soda.  From the desert….I wish you sweet dreams.

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