Day 18

On the road again, just can’t wait to be on the road again!   I had a great time in Williams.  What a cool place!  Before I headed out today I had breakfast with the sweetest women, Sharon and Earleen from Florida.  Sharon gave me the cutest Route 66 print satchel that she made! Like I said very sweet.

I headed west to the town of Ash Fork. Once famous for flagstones.  There was a 1958 (very good year I might add) Desoto on the roof of an old gas station.  Down the street there were two cafes, the Oasis Lounge and Route 66 Cafe and the Ranch House Cafe.

I finally get to drive a long stretch of original Route 66!  86 miles to be exact.   The scenery has changed again and I love that it does that!   I drove over Crookston Crossing, a pair of old railroad overpasses, then into Seligman AZ. What a hopping place!  There was a nostalgic old dairy bar called the Snow Cap and in walking distance a variety of souvenir shops, relics and old cars.  There were two vintage motels also, the Route 66 Motel and the Supai Motel.  Favorite place by far was the Roadkill Cafe where I had lunch!  Thought I would try something different so I ordered the Buffalo Burger, fries and a Pepsi….oh my delish!

On the way to Peach Springs there was the Grand Canyon Caverns with their variety of dinasaurs. I didn’t go in.

Peach Springs AZ, said to be one of the inspirations for the movie CARS, the other being Baxter Springs KS.  There was an old Trading Post and a store beside it and down the street a 1928 gas station.

Crozier Canyon was a very scenic drive and the Rock formations were incredible. I did pass the boarded up Valentine Indian School where I let Frannie out to run for a bit.

Along the way to Kingman AZ there were relics of old forgotten gas stations.

Nearing Hackberry the old General Store seemed to be busy enough and you know I had to stop and see the giganticus headicus!

At this point I was ahead of schedule so instead of going into Kingman I drove to Las Vegas and picked up my grandson Alex and we headed to Hoover Dam.  He had never seen the Dam or Lake Mead. We grabbed some subway and had a picnic while the sunset.

We drove back to Vegas and I dropped him off.  It was really good to see him and get to do something with him he has never done even though it wasn’t for a long time!  I swear he has grown a foot since I seen him last. So now another day in the books.  Peace out !

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