Day 17

I decided to take a small break from Route 66 today and take a train ride to the Grand Canyon South Rim.  So today’s blog will not be very long.  

Before boarding the train there was a western shootout.  Then allllllll aboard!

The ride out to the Grand Canyon was nice and slow and very relaxing.  I met some fun people on the train! There were people from Korea, Scotland, Canada and Wales.  Once at our destination I took a tour on a  bus because we had about 4 hours before heading back.  Enjoy the pictures!

Well it was time to leave this spectacular place and board the train back to Williams AZ.  They keep you very entertained on your train ride too!  We had a couple of singing Cowboys and we were held up by a couple of outlaws who were being followed by the Sheriff.  It was a very pleasant relaxing amazing day and I would recommend it to everyone.

New friends….

Back in Williams AZ where I am staying the night, I decided to take a walk downtown.  There were a lot of neon signs and the weather was perfect for an evening walk.  The nicest people and they love us tourists!

Tomorrow is a brand new day with brand new adventures.   Sweet dreams my friends. 


  1. Where was babygirl all day on this adventure, did she get to go along? The pictures are incredible, wish I could have gone along with you. Looking forward to the rest of the trip and the blog posts. Meet you in my dreams for ice cream!


    1. She stayed in the camper with plenty of water and food and the overhead fan on low for fresh air. Puppy pads provided LOL. The canyon was incredible, pictures can’t even begin to tell what I saw with the naked eye.


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