Day 12

Today’s blog is starting from last night in Tucumcari NM.  I tried to find as much neon as I could.  The Blue Swallow Motel was the most amazing one. You could get out and walk around and it took you right back in time.  The picture with the refrigerator was actually the laundry room, so no I am not a peeping tom!  I think my friend Julie needs to have Rod build her a fountain like the one in the picture.  Some of the other neons that I found were Del’s Restaurant, Tee Pee Curios and LA Cita.  In the morning I drove that way again and caught some cool buildings, gas stations and the museums.

In the town of Newkirk there were remnants of an old gas station and hotel and not much else.

When the interstate came through the town of Cuervo it split the town in two.  I don’t know what theses buildings once were except for the church.  I hate to think of what the residents of this ghost town went through. 

At exit 284 off I-40 these are the remnants of the Frontier Bar and Museum.

I decided this morning that once I visited Santa Rosa that instead of doing the 1940s part of Historic Route 66 instead I would drive the very early part through Santa Fe.  But first I am in search of the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa.  As I entered the town of Santa Rosa there was a Auto Museum but I drove by and checked out the rest of the town.  I had lunch to go at the Route 66 Restaurant and the place was simple but classic 66 style.  A few other places of interest that I saw were the Club Cafe, Joseph’s Bar & Grill and the Comet II Restaurant.  So now we are off on our hunt for the Blue Hole, I pulled in to a city park and let Frannie run around as we shared my grilled cheese sandwich and fries.  The park was a big swimming hole with water slide and all.  There was a bit of a breeze today and only about 75 degrees but there were people swimming.  Ahhh at last the Blue Hole, a deep , clear blue artesian well.  It is a popular place in the US for scuba diving and training.  I bet the dive club back in Lawrenceburg TN might enjoy this one. The water was clear and there were two fluorescent type lights down in the water.  It is 81 foot deep and 60 feet in diameter.  The water is a crisp 61 degrees.

Making my way back to Route 66 to find my way north to Santa Fe.  The scenery was beautiful and it was the perfect day to drive.  In Dilla there was a beautiful old church as I passed through.

I am loving this drive!  My book tells me about a couple of side trips, the first in Bernal.  I was on a mission to find an old store and church (1898).  Found them! This is also where Starvation Peak can been seen.  The legend is that the settlers were pursued by Navajo Indians. The settlers took refuge at the summit of the small peak.  After a long stalemate, the starving settlers descended the peak and all were massacred.  Those remaining at the Summit starved to death rather than be tortured to death by the Indians. Although there is no evidence it happening it is legend. 

Next the small town of San Jose.  After I pass the Pecos River I make a turn to find an old 1826 church plaza and a 1921 thru truss bridge at a dead end.  I will admit it was a little scary going back there.  I had very little room to maneuver once down there so it’s a good thing I am getting better at backing with the camper hitched up.  On my way out I found a stone marker dated 1822 – 1879.

As I make my way closer to Santa Fe which will be my final destination today, I passed the Pecos National Historic Park, a few more historical markers and one more old church with a cemetery behind it.  So enjoy my evening views and I will see you tomorrow! 

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