Day 11

So here I am, almost halfway through my trip!  This morning we woke up to a thunderstorm.  In a teardrop camper you feel like you are outside in it but you are dry!  Good thing I love thunder and lightning and rain!

Before I leave Amarillo I have one place I have to visit.  The Cadillac Ranch!   So with Starbucks in hand and the storm behind us we head on down the highway. There it is!  In the middle of a sorghum field (sorta looks like short corn).  There they are, ten Caddies with their front ends buried in the ground and the rest of the car in the air.  One of them had the initials L C on the wheel.  Hmmmmm wonder how that got there!  Hey! The can of spray paint was there and no one was looking. This was my mark on the world! LOL!  Down the road was an RV park with Cadillacs too.

On Route 66 again, I am on my way to Vega TX home of the Longhorns and Sheriff Medlin, doesn’t he have a cute mustache?  I was taking pictures of some of the murals and one happened to be on his building.  He was so nice to take time to talk to me.  I drove by the museum and the 1920s Magnolia Gas Station. When taking a picture I noticed a huge arrow in the ground behind the building, apparently the Comanches camped here on their travels east and west. As I left town the Boot Hill Saloon is for sale if your interested and wouldn’t you have so much fixing up the the old Vega Motel!

I am almost there!  Adrian TX and the halfway point in my trip on the Historic Route 66.  1139 miles each way from this point to Chicago and LA.  I drove through the little town taking random pictures and there he was!  A Chinese Crested running around behind the fence so I let Frannie out for a moment to make friends too.  Ok enough about that. MidPoint Cafe, owned and operated by Dennis from Thompson Station TN.  He and I chatted for a little bit while I had a piece of chocolate creme pie that he made (it was delish). I will definitely keep in touch as we have a mutual friend….remember Dean “Mater” Walker?

Once I leave Adrian TX I set out for Glenrio which sits on the border of Texas and New Mexico.  It is so sad that these once full of life towns were left at the wayside when the big interstates came through, but there will always be change. Something else that changed was the scenery and I suddenly felt like I was riding along with John Wayne in a western movie.  Giddy Up!!

Now in New Mexico I decided it was time to stop at exit 369 and check out Russell’s Travel Center.  Gas stop, munchie stop, restaurant, gift shop and an old car and memorabilia exhibit.  All of you who are old car lovers are going to like these pictures coming up!  The pink Tbird is my fav!

The towns are getting further apart on Route 66 and I need to get some laundry done so I will leave you with my view this evening.  Peace out!


  1. I’m so impressed with the number of stops and pictures you are sharing, Lori! It’s like being right there with you. Thanks for the virtual road trip!
    And, by the way, that turquoise convertible is my dream car.


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