Day 9

Good evening!  Can you believe I have been on the road for nine days now and I am not even half way!   As you can see I had  me some Starbucks this morning!   The sky is blue and there is much highway to cover today.  And so it begins!

The first town I encountered today was Yukon OK.  As I entered Yukon there is a huge grain elevator which reads Yukon’s Best Flour and there is a neon sign on the top of it. Not too far from there was a Train Museum.  As you can see I have posted several old trains in my blog and have drove along train tracks a lot of the trip.  There is a big steer that welcomes visitors to town and not far down the street was an old Standard gasoline sign and the marker for the Chisholm Trail. A mural of the Chisholm Trail was on one of the buildings downtown. The Chisholm Trail was a trail used in the post Civil War era to drive cattle overland, from ranches in Texas to Kansas railheads.

I drove through El Reno taking a few photos and then on to Fort Reno where I toured some of the old Fort buildings.   Fort Reno which began as a military camp in 1874, was established for the protection of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes.  Fort Reno is also known for ghosts!  A local paranormal investigation team tell tales of paranormal activity at the fort.  Their investigation consists of footsteps, doors mysteriously opening and cold spots throughout the property. 

I took a side trip on the 1930’s Route 66 to drive across the South Canadian River on a 1933 Pony Bridge that was 3/4 miles in length.   The river and the bridge were beautiful.  Notice the roads of the old Route 66, they had curbs and we’re narrow.

I have added a few pictures of the Oklahoma scenery from Route 66 and one that shows you the new Interstate 40 which runs beside the old Route 66.

On the way to Weatherford I passed an old gas station named Lucille’s.  There is also a Will Rogers marker there.  In Weatherford I went to the Thomas P Stafford, astronaut, Museum.  There were many planes and jets and the history of Stafford’s NASA missions on Gemini 6A, Gemini 9A and Apollo 10.

Shopping?  Is there shopping?  YES at the Cherokee Trading Post which I didn’t spend a lot of money at but I did spend about 30 minutes looking!

While in Clinton OK I visited the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum, they had an old 66 Diner, an old gas truck and inside along with all the other exhibits this very cherry car!  Leaving the museum and back on the road there was an interesting park called McLain Rogers Park, it looked like a lot of fun and they even had mini golf.  Downtown was the old Redland Theater. 

In Canute there were the remains of the Cotton Boll and Washita Motels and an old Uniroyal Tires building.

A jet at the city’s airport welcomes you to Elk City.  There was a very cool 179 foot tall oil Derrick at the Anadarko Basin Museum.  A derrick is used around oil wells and other drilled holes.  I visited the National Route 66 Museum and Old Town Museum.   It was very neat to walk through some authentic buildings from the Route 66 days of old and they had a windmill exhibit also.  I tried to get a selfie with Frannie and the giant 66 sign but she hates photos as much as I do!  I did have a couple of guys in a white car wave at me!!  And of course the movie house and the big Elk ( Elk City)

On the road to my last destination town of the day, but first I checked out the endangered Timbed Creek Bridge,  a thru truss span built in 1928.  Maybe if they do replace it they will keep the bridge intact at some location or museum. 

Sayre OK where I found the neon cactus at the Western Motel and the Beckham Courthouse which was in the movie “The Grapes of Wrath.   I also found a BIG buffalo you better not mess with.

The towns are getting farther apart on this part of the trip.  Tomorrow I will be somewhere along Route 66 in the Texas panhandle.   See you then!

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