Day 4

Another great day meeting great people and seeing great sites.

First stop down Route 66 is Pacific MO. and the Red Cedar Inn, a popular place in the day but is used for another business now.

I passed two old Motels on my way to St Clair this morning.  The Gardenway Motel and The Sunset Motel, neither are in business now.  Wouldn’t it be great to renovate one if these!

I stumbled upon an old Bus Stop and a couple of men resting after breakfast at the Lewis Cafe in St Clair.  Oh and what a cool thing running into a Snortin’ Norton van driven by Greg.   How cool and he was so friendly.

All signs are pointing to Meramec Caverns, the hide out of outlaw Jesse James.  So I ventured down to visit and that’s where I met Tim & Joyce from Kimmell IN (they are doing Route 66 in a yellow Corvaire). I opted not to take the hour and a half tour but I did get a small glimpse of the Cavern.  In the gift shop I ran into this wooden guy, I think we are related, we have the same nose!

On the road again!  I stopped in Bourbon MO at the Circle Inn Malt Shop where I met Josh who is part of the 63 year old family ran business.  I chatted with Jamie, who makes a killer chocolate malt and a few of the locals.

In Cuba MO  “Route 66 Mural City” I found several buildings that had murals painted on them. Anyone who knows me knows I love murals!  I also stopped at a restored Wagon Wheel Motel, still open for business and I would definitely stay here!

Talk about your giant rocking chair, because I saw it in person near Fanning MO.  Have you ever seen a giant dripping neon faucet?  I have!  Oh, and let me tell you about Route 66 Motors…they have the station wagon I want!  For real! Some of the guys I know would drool for these oldies.  And girls, don’t get too excited over the giant hillbilly I found at the Mule Trading Post!  LOL

The University of Missouri in Rolla had a half-scale replica of Stonehenge that was carved with high speed water jets that I found interesting.  Across town I found another jewel, The Totem Pole Trading Post claiming to be the oldest business still in business on Route 66 in Missouri. 

As I drove the winding Route 66, I found the Vernelle’s Motel at the end of a dead end road where the interstate took this part of Route 66.  There are several spots on the historic roadway that you have to drive the interstate for a few miles to connect to the next section of Route 66.

So there you have day 4 of my trip on the Historic Route 66.  I hope you are somehow going on the trip with me!



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