Day 1

Wow!  What a full day!  I have met some really nice people as I traveled from E. Adams St in Chicago to Pontiac IL (114 mi).  Each small town you travel through along the Historic Route 66 has something special to offer.  I had an ice cream cone in Joliet at the Rich & Creamy and a hamburger in Braidwood at the Polka Dot Drive In. You really need to keep your eyes open because there is something around every corner.

I could not pass up the chance while in Chicago to visit Wrigley Field and the Willis Tower.  Historic Route 66 starts on East Adams Street in downtown Chicago. Some of the other places I visited in Chicago were Lulu’s Hot Dogs, the old Castle Car Wash and Henry’s Drive-In.

Outside of Chicago I began my way down historic Route 66/Joliet Rd. Along the way I passed Montana Charlie’s Little American Flea Market also the White Fence Farms Restaurant and antique cars.  Statesville Prison outside Romeoville and is very majestic as it sits far off the road.  In Romeoville was the beautiful Fitzgerald House.

As I entered Joliet I came across the Rich & Creamy where the Blues Brothers dance atop. This quaint little ice cream shop sits in a roadside Park that is very interesting as a statue of Mother Nature sits in a garden of flowers. I took a slight detour and went out to the Joliet Prison where they filmed the Blues Brothers. In Joliet they have several gas pumps throughout the city that signify the historic Route 66. I also visited the Route 66 Welcome Center and Gift Shop which is also home to the museum. Outside of Joliet to my surprise was Chicagoland Speedway.
On the way to Wilmington I visited the Lincoln National Cemetery.  Passing through Wilmington I saw the Gemini Giant at the old Launching Pad Drive-In. I also saw the Sinclair Dino at G&E tires on Main Street. (The owners were very nice people).

In Braidwood is where I had a hamburger at the Polka Dot Drive-In.   It was very very cool inside and was decorated in 50’s style.

In Gardner I went and visited a 1906 2-cell jail, also a restored streetcar and the memorial for Christian Christensen the man who helped derail the Nazi’s intended use of heavy water for their atomic bomb effort in WWII.

Traveling through Dwight there was a restored gas station Ambler’s Texaco.   Also the old Route 66 Family Restaurant next door to the Route 66 Tire & Auto.  I ventured downtown where I visited the cities train station and a windmill.

The little town of Odell was next. It had a classic 1932 Standard Station which is on the historical register.

That was it for today my friends tomorrow I start off in Pontiac IL  and onward I go!   Sweet dreams!


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